Our biggest wish:
help our clients
to improve
their business

About us

Egle Systems was born with the aim of creating more sophisticated and quality embedded electronic systems by combining synergies among several senior engineers.

Our biggest wish is to help our clients to improve their business through the technology that we create daily. In the meantime we grow relying on 2 basics: R&D and creativity.

ARM processors and GNU/Linux are the main tools that we use to bring the latest IT solutions to our clients. Our expertise in both technologies make us a good partner to take advantage of the benefits of the ARM-based embedded electronics and to migrate from other platforms.


Our suppliers and partners are very important to us, without them we could not serve our clients as well as we wish. We try to surround ourselves with the best as way of improving:


Parque cientifico-empresarial UMH, partner

nitsnets studios, partner

Neterea studios, partner